Pop-Tab Bracelets

$ 3.00 USD


Pop-tab Braclets are put tegethor by weaving the ribbon up and down through the pop-tabs. They can be fully recycled afterwards by simply un-doing the ribbon.



Flower Power

$ 5.00 USD

I used old clay pops and painted each one. Second I attatched littel chalkboards to signify the owner, plant, name or phrase. Great gifts for teachers - Or anyone who could use a little flower in their life ;)


Flower - Bobby Pins

$ 2.50 USD

The bobby pins are assembled with flowers from my stock of craft items, and are hot glued on. A fun accessory to wear as summer is here.


Hand painted tea cups

$ 5.00 USD

I found the original cups found at ARC thrift store and painted custom flowers on each cup. I packed them up into cup cake boxes and the each cup comes with some delicious tea!


Custom Signs

$ 4.00 USD

The wood samples are from The Home Depot, and the decor are made from magazine cut-outs, and my dad helped me with the wires. A very fun and cute way to decorate your hope or office. 



$ 4.00 USD

The wood and dollies on the coaster were found at ARC thrift store. I then mod podged the dollies on the wood, and finally tied them all together!


Salt and peppar shakers

$ 2.00 USD

My favorite thing is to find vintage items such as salt and peppar shakers at the ARC, Michaels, or yard sales. Once I get them home I will customize them with colors. For this product a hot-glue design. 


Customized Luggage Tags

$ 4.00 USD

Customized by hot glue gun, there are green pipe cleaner as the flower stem, and plastic jewels so you will always know whcih bag is yours!



$ 2.50 USD

Red cups and spoons in a little happy cup. A great gift for a friend on a hot summer day. Even comes with an umbrella!


Napkin Set

$ 2.00 USD

The tea knives at the ARC were old and dingy. I re-vamped them into a fun piece with non-toxic paint to make them colorful and fun. Paired with a set of napkins, this knife is great for a picnic.


Custom Stationary

$ 5.00 USD

The set comes with four blank cards and envelops. The perfect way to send someone a thank you, with a custom card, and a custom message. 


Beaded Jewlery

$ 3.00 USD

These neclaces are fun and easy. They aren't made of pearls and diamonds, but they are made with love and care. Look good at a low price :)


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